Using the text log item

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Using the text log item

Post by Admin on Tue Mar 08, 2016 8:36 am

Here is how to use a text log:
- select menu -> edit ui
- click on blank space where you want to add the text log
- select text log
- the text log will appear in the interface
- move it by dragging the top left corner
- resize it by dragging the bottom right corner
- edit its options by clicking on it

set id:
Set the id (text string) for the text log. Example: receiving "dbg battery low\n" will append the text "battery low" to the text log that has the id "dbg".
Useful tip: A text log with no id (empty string) will log all the received commands. It is useful for debugging the communication between your robot and RoboRemo. If you don't see anything, make sure you are sending the command ending. If you set the command ending to empty string (from menu -> interface -> set command ending), then you will receive every character in the text log.

set label:
Set the text string that will appear under the text log.

set text size:
Set the font size for the text.


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Re: Using the text log item

Post by n16dad on Mon Jan 09, 2017 9:46 pm

Hi there; Am enjoying the paid version and was wondering if there's a local action command that a button can issue to enable/disable text logging (i.e., imitating the tick box on the setup page)? Which leads to my second question: is there a way for a button to toggle between two states (first press turns something on, second press turns it off...)? Many thanks for this brilliant tool.


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